Best Tips for Easier Recruiting for Your Senior Living Employees

Senior Living Employees

Best Tips of Recruiting for your Senior living Employees Senior living facilities provide safe and compassionate care for seniors in America. Caregivers at these facilities assist with support, medical treatment, and helping senior residents with their daily tasks, including eating, getting dressed, and bathing. Senior living employees at assisted living facilities have several crucial responsibilities and are […]

A Guide on Senior Housing Feasibility Studies

How Are Assisted Living Feasibility Studies Conducted? Feasibility studies for senior housing developments are multi-stage processes, considering all factors that determine whether this type of development is suitable for the proposed area.  The preliminary stage for the study starts by defining the Primary Market Area (PMA) and includes looking at potential sites, general economic, population, […]

Assisted Living Facility Consulting

At Build Senior Living, we provide assisted living consulting services for senior living providers. From site selection to the construction and design of senior living communities, we help clients with all aspects of the development process. These services cover all types of long-term care communities, including assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care and hospital care. […]

The 3 Biggest Trends Influencing Senior Living Development

A large percentage of Americans are aging into retirement and senior status. The growing demand for senior living facilities and services dedicated to wellness is also increasing. The industry is evolving to meet this need in new ways to serve this ever-growing part of the population better. Customizable Comfort One of the biggest changing trends […]