"Our systematic approach to development consulting means you get to leverage our proven results to produce your own. "

Whether you are new to senior living development, or you want to change the course of an existing operation, Build Senior Living Consulting provides the guidance necessary to plan out and execute your vision successfully. We provide both the roadmap and the personal guidance to help you navigate through every obstacle likely to arise in senior living development. From Concept Development and Marketing Opportunity Analysis to on the ground Facility Management, Human Resources, and Occupancy Consulting, Build Senior Living ensures you hit your performance metrics ahead of target.

Managing Partners

“Let’s spoil the generation that spoiled us”

Shahid Imran
Managing Director/CEO

Entrepreneur with over thirteen years of experience in Assisted living, Memory care and Independent living industry. Extensive experience in business administration, marketing, and community relation Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, and team building.

Sam Martin
Executive Vice President and Partner/Owner

Sam Martin, Executive Vice President and partner/owner at Build Senior Living heads the Business Development and Sales and Marketing Management of the company’s ongoing expansion into emerging markets.

As the head of corporate development, it is Sam’s responsibility to oversee the company’s mounting developments and increasing efforts into high-growth markets as well as sustaining its goals and objectives.

Sam is so efficient with his role in sales and marketing that he has been referred to as the “assisted living whisperer”. He has the ability to talk to people and best outline the benefits of assisted living and help transform the decision to moving into assisted living into the best decision of a lifetime. This has allowed Sam to develop long-lasting relationships with the residents and their families.

Sam is just as effective with influencing and persuading high-ranking individuals when it comes to investing or local authorities with regards to why assisted living facilities will be the best investment for their portfolio and/or community they are serving. His opinions are highly valued, and people trust and respect his perspectives and judgements.

Before partnering with Shahid Imran to start Build Senior Living in 2015, Sam served as the Executive Director for an Assisted Living and Memory Care Community where he was instrumental in bringing the community to profitability by increasing the sales and occupancy fact the lead to significant revenues for the community and of the company overall. It was also during this time that Sam realized that there is a need for a “premier” Performance Management System and Services for this population and started moving towards his goal of building a company that will provide such and make him and Shahid differentiate themselves from all the other companies providing similar services due to the premier services provided at higher standards. The effectiveness of these systems, tools and high standards and expectations from all the teams serving Build Senior Living and Hampton Manor Premier Assisted living has assisted Sam in projecting the market conditions and propelling an efficient business.

Sam’s visionary perspective of “putting the resident first and foremost” has earned him the love and respect of residents, staff, and families and ultimately which as a result generates a highly successful and profitable business.

” This is what we do. We remove the guesswork and work with you to build successful senior living communities. “

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